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THF Internship
IT Internship

At Thomas Howell Ferguson I am currently learning a lot about everything IT related. From setting up group policy and PDQ Deploy to configuring conditional access on Azure, I have learned many valuable IT skills during my time here. One technical skill I have learned was the basics of powershell, which I used to create an empty folder deletion script for a large client drive. This experience helps me become a more proficient IT technician and will pave the way for me to gain skills neccessary to become a network administator.

FSU Action Shooting Team
Vice President of the Action Shooting Club at FSU

As Vice President, I have trained members of all levels of experience the fundamentals of firearms and getting members competition ready to compete against other schools in national competitions. I also learned how to effectively use excel and prepare budget proposal presentations. Some transferrable skills I learned would be patience and teamwork, especially when dealing with new members and collaborating with other officers about important decisions. This makes me a better candidate because it shows I can oversee multiple people at once and make sure deadlines are met.

Graduate of FSUPD Citizen's Police Academy

Here I learned police tactics in both a classroom and real-world environment with countless encounter examples set up by police officers.. One technical skill I learned from this academy would be firearm safety, which I later brought into my Action Shooting Club at FSU. The main challenge of this experience would be correctly performing police tactics with other students. This experience makes me a better candidate because it shows my willingness to tackle unique challenges and ability to learn in diverse environments.